N. A. Minyaev — florogenetist, systematist, pedagogue (1909–1995)

  • Valentina Bubyreva Saint Petersburg State University, 7–9, Universitetskaya nab., Saint Petersburg, 199034, Russian Federation
  • Tamara Teplyakova Russian Academy of Science, Scientific Research Centre for Ecological Safety, Russian Federation


The paper is devoted to a famous botanist, Doctor of Biology N.A. Minyaev (1909–1995). The data provided describes his family, education at the University, his work at Plant Cultivation Institute and in Botany Department of St. Petersburg University. His scientific views on the history of flora of Russian North-West based on the migration-genetical elements of flora are examined. In addition, the article discusses groups of elements, the ways and time of their migration to the territory under question. It draws a conclusion that the today`s regional flora is mainly combined with flora of Miculin interglacial period, namely with those representatives which remained in periglacial zone during maximal stage of Valdai glacial period.


botany, flora, N. A. Minyaev, history of flora, Russian North-West, migration-genetical elements of flora


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Bubyreva, V., & Teplyakova, T. (2013). N. A. Minyaev — florogenetist, systematist, pedagogue (1909–1995). Biological Communications, (3), 167–178. Retrieved from https://biocomm.spbu.ru/article/view/1373
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