The EEG features in pregnant women with disturbance of the thyroids hormones level regulation

  • Anatoly Smirnov Saint Petersburg State University, 7–9, Universitetskaya nab., Saint Petersburg, 199034, Russian Federation


In our researches 19 pregnant women have been diagnosed with abnormalities of the thyroid gland work. In 11 cases thyroid gland abnormality work was diagnosed during all pregnancy period. These women have also been diagnosed with «threat of the pregnancy interruption». In the other 8 cases infringement in thyroid gland functioning has not be confirm. These women also did not have the threat of pregnancy interruption. The women with a thyroid gland abnormalities EEG were characterized by the presence of the regular, generalized, high-amplitude, hypersynchronous and sharp alpha-rhythm waves. This research has not revealed interdependence between alpha-rhythm and the level of the thyroids hormones. The second characteristic feature of EEG of the women in this group was instability of alpha-rhythm frequency. All cases were marked by the low-frequency alpha-rhythm (8–9 Hz), which mainly extended on frontal brain areas, and high-frequency (10–11 Hz), which had parietal-occipital distribution. Presumably, one of the causes of such phenomenon can be amplification of the synchronization influences of the anterior hypothalamus, which is attributed to its increasing work tension caused by disproportional hormonal increasing during the gestation process.


pregnancy, EEG, thyroid gland, thyroids hormones


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