Instead of a preface

  • Dmitry Zalesskiy


The article features personal memories of D. M. Zalesskiy (1910–1986) about his life and his family. His grandfather D. I. Zalesskiy (1843–1921) met with D. I. Mendeleev and A. M. Butlerov, his father M. D. Zalesskiy (1877–1946) — a well known paleobotanist, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. The memories concern the pre-revolutionary period (childhood memories of the author), father’s stories given, but most of the memories relate to the postwar period. They tell the story of the University Botanic Garden renovation after the war and its history, the construction of a palm greenhouse, works on the collection replenishment. D. M. Zalesskiy especially adored two genera — Ficus and Saintpaulia. Memoirs are dated February 1982.


D. M. Zalesskiy, M. D. Zalesskiy, history, Department of Botany, University of St. Petersburg, the Botanic Garden


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