Anatomical aspects of Lolium perenne L. heteroblasty

  • Igor Tikhankov Dnipropetrovsk State University, 13, Naukova-street, Dnipropetrovsk, 49050, Ukraine


The turfgrass heteroblasty by the example of Lolium perenne L. has been investigated. It was found that adult leaves defer each from other very strongly in a range of anatomy and morphology parameters. First of all these are the square of cross sections, square and number of vascular bunds, square of mesophyll and intercellular spaces, number of chloroplasts. The sort peculiarity in these parameters has been investigated so. It was concluded that heteroblasty is genetically determined during leaf primordia formation. Some anatomy parameters, which are the most suitable for the heteroblasty estimation have been found. Refs 34. Figs 5. Tables 6.


heteroblasty, turfgrass, cross sections, vascular bunds, bundle sheath, mesophyll, intercellular spaces, chloroplasts, leaf primordia, phloem, xylem


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