Preliminary data on the batrachofauna of the Kaffa biosphere reserve

  • Konstantin Milto Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, 1, Universitetskaya nab., Saint Petersburg, 199164, Russian Federation
  • Mark Pestov Society of Amphibians and Reptiles Conservation, 16, Rozhdestvenskaya ul., Nizhny Novgorod, 603001, Russian Federation
  • Tom Kirschey NABU Headquarters, 3, Charitéstrasse, Berlin, 10117, Germany


Herpetological field research in the Kaffa Biosphere Reserve (Ethiopia, Kaffa) was carried out in 2014–2015. We recorded 16 species of amphibians from 7 families (19 species from 9 families including previously reported). The list includes 1 new species (Leptopelis sp.), 4 species known by single findings in Ethiopia (Afrixalus clarkei, A. enseticola, Hyperolius kivuensis, Phrynobatrachus inexpectatus) and 7 species first reported for Kaffa Biosphere Reserve (H. kivuensis, H. nasutus, H. viridifl avus, L. ragazzii, Leptopelis sp., Ptychadena erlangeri, Phrynobatrachus inexpectatus). The level of endemism among anurans in Ethiopia is very high. Of the species listed for Kaffa Biosphere Reserve, 32 % are endemic to the mountains of Southwestern Ethiopia. Refs 8. Figs 1. Tables 1.


amphibians, Kaffa Biosphere Reserve, Ethiopia, endemism


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