The hypothesis of the laurasian origin of iguanomorphan lizards in the light of new paleontological data

  • Vladimir Alifanov Borissiak Paleontological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, 123, Profsoyuznaya ul., Moscow, 117647, Russian Federation


The hypothesis of the initial distribution of iguanomorphan (Iguanidae s.l.) lizards on the territory of the ancient continent Laurasia is represented for the first time in detail. It proposes the formation of two subcentres of geographic origin for this group. The first one is East Laurasia (Central Asia and South-East Asia), associated with an initial expantion of Phrynosomatoidea. The second is West Laurasia (North America), associated with the appearance of Iguanoidea. Refs 8. Figs 1.


lizards, Iguanomorpha, classification, palaeontology, paleozoogeography, Laurasia


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